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About Us
Robust Technology, based out of St. Louis Missouri, is a small family owned and operated company.    We have been blessed with many great clients and friends and hope that you will contact us and join the RT family of customers.

Our Mission
Our mission is to generate more business for our clients through the analysis, design and development of computer based solutions that make it easier and more productive for your customers to do business with you.  Our primary business objective is to maintain profitability without cutting corners.

Fast Facts
We were founded in 1997 by an Advertising Exec and an IT Geek, the best of both worlds. 

We are located in middle America, and have a vast network of both partners and clients all over the world.  Why the midwest?  We have a lot of clients and friends in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, London, Australia, Canada, Mexico and India. But we choose to live here because this is where our family is. And family is what drives this organization.  We can count on our family and they can rely on us.

We have successful relationships with well over five hundred clients worldwide, have designed and developed unique e-commerce web sites, and provide computer and Internet services ranging from web site design to web site marketing and search engine optimization.

Please take a look around; consider your options and if you feel that Robust Tech is a good choice for your next project, then contact us or request a quote today! 

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