Monthly Web Site Updates will keep your CUSTOMERS and the SEARCH ENGINES coming back to see new content.  This will ultimately produce more sales and profits. We've been providing this service for customers across the globe since 1997!  Let us take care of your website. We'll smother it with attention and persistently monitor it to ensure it is always updated, always fresh and always working perfectly.

Our website maintenance plan handles everything:

Website Hosting

You will no longer need a web host. We provide hosting for you so that you don't have to pay for a separate hosting service each month. We provide you with all of the technical features you would ever need. For starters, we provide you with unlimited file storage, unlimited email addresses, unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% up-time guarantee and 24/7 unlimited technical support.

Your website will be monitored and supported in our secure facilities that are staffed 24/7 by real people who will ensure that your site offers good performance and is up and running around the clock.

Monthly Website Maintenance

Our monthly website maintenance duties start with optimizing and compressing all of your graphics to ensure your images load as quickly as possible. We then check the speed of each page on your website (how long does it take to load?) and make any improvements possible that will help make it load even a half second faster.

Although these services each take their full share of time, detective work and skill, we aren't done yet.  Next, we search for any dead links coming into or going out of your website. If we do happen to find any of these stinkers, we immediately patch the "holes". The last website maintenance item on our list is to find and log your backlinks. Backlinks are the number of websites on the internet that link to your site and are one of the most coveted currencies on the internet.

Metatag Creation

Meta what? Metatags are hidden bits of code built into your website that "speak" to search engines and directories to communicate all different types of information.

We create META information including Title, Description, Keywords, and Robots.txt for each page in your website. This invisible information helps your search engine positioning and the content will become a valuable part of your website.

Unlimited Content Updates

A dull, boring, outdated website is no place visitors want to be. If you're lucky enough to get them to stop by and visit once, without fresh content, they surely won't be back again. We keep your website updated with fresh content as often as you supply it to us.

There is no limit on how often you can supply us with new content and we don't charge by the hour. In fact, the more the better. Simply email your content to us and we'll post it in the appropriate section of your website in less than 48 hours (usually within 24 hours). On the internet, freshness wins (and sells!).

Website Statistics

How many people visited your site last month? Don't feel bad, 90% of all business owners don't know either. We'll provide you with statistics that will help you discover which terms visitors used to find you on Google, MSN, and Yahoo as well as all of your website's activity from the past day, week, month and year.

We'll tell you things like how many visitors you had, where they come from, how long do they stay on your site, what page is your most popular, what page is causing people to leave your site, what day of the week brings you the most traffic as well as 37 other facts that you absolutely must know. The stats are presented in an easy to read "graphical" format which makes it easy for you to see the trends over time.

Monthly Backup

We all know that despite the best-laid plans, accidents and mishaps can still happen, so it is always a good idea to keep the Boy Scouts' motto in prepared.

Just like clockwork, every month we create and compile a complete backup copy of your entire website. We then archive it in a safe place just in case (heaven forbid) disaster should strike. At any moment we can instantly revert back to an earlier version of your website should the need ever arise.

Keyword Development

We identify keyword phrases likely to be used by your potential customers. This list will be comprised of keyword phrases suggested by you as well as phrases found while researching your industry and competing sites. The keywords we target for your site will be updated and amended frequently to guarantee you receive the most timely and relevant representation possible.

Page Optimization

Most pages on most websites are poorly designed and constructed. Not only is this a problem for potential customers but it also substantially diminishes your potential to rank well in search engines. Like a fat baby craves a bottle, search engines seek out and reward properly written HTML. We optimize all page content to include accurate keyword density, text, images and tags. We recommend at least 250 to 300 words of unique content per page for great results.

Unlimited Free Support

To put it quite simply, we're here to help and advise you on any aspect of your website. Whatever it is, just give us a call. We also offer 24/7 toll free technical support should you ever have questions or need help with your hosting service, domain name or email.



No contracts. No hourly fees.
This is the complete package. There is never an extra fee or charge for any of the items listed above. Everything is always included.


Features At A Glance

  • unlimited website updates
  • unlimited advice and support unlimited
  • website hosting
  • detailed website statistics
  • website maintenance & backup
  • never pay hourly fees
  • no long term contracts





















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